As a student at YIAL, you can either rent a room at the institute or seek outside accommodation.

Renting a Room at YIAL:

We have a number of fully furnished, spacious rooms that we rent to students. Included are all the amenities to ensure a comfortable stay, including:

  • shared kitchens equipped with refrigerators, stoves and domestic appliances
  • wireless internet
  • washing machines
  • common room with satellite TV
  • roof-top veranda

Interested students should confirm booking and payment of deposits one month prior to arrival.
Monthly rental rates (water, electricity, and all amenities included) are $240 for a single room or $360 for a double room. The rooms are only available to full-time students at the institute.

Seeking Outside Accommodation:

Students can also make arrangements to rent apartments outside the institute compound for a monthly rent of between $300 and $400. However, these apartments are not furnished and the renter is generally responsible for the payment of electricity and water bills. Off-campus accommodation may be more convenient for students planning to stay for a longer period of time.