Modern Standard Arabic:

This program consists of nine levels ranging from “beginner” to “advanced” and corresponds to a standard three-year university-level series of courses. We had been using standard Arabic textbooks (namely the Al-Kitab Al-Asasi and Al-Kitab fi Talum Al-Arabia series) supplemented with our own textbooks, computer programs, and other audiovisual aids.  But, by the beginning of 2014, we have been using our developed textbooks of Kitab Assalaamu Alaykum (9 textbooks) covering the 9 levels of MSA program.  

If you come to join this program and have already taken some Arabic courses, we will give you an initial placement exam to assess your background and place you at the appropriate level of study. Also, if you are currently studying Arabic at a university, we can adjust the private courses (textbooks etc.) to fit your requirements and ensure a smooth transition between your studies of Arabic here in Yemen and in your home country.
We have found that most students who join this program and have studied Arabic in the past are relatively stronger in reading and grammar than they are in speaking and writing. To address this issue, we have developed two supplemental series of textbooks: one focused on reading and grammar, the second on speaking and writing. A student uses both textbooks but with more attention and time with the textbook related to the student’s weaker skill set, allowing us to focus on these skills (without forgetting the others of course), and thereby helping you to become a first-class Arabic speaker in all the important language skills.

We monitor each student’s progress through weekly assignments and quizzes as well as written and verbal exams at the middle and end of each level to ensure that any areas of weakness are caught. Passing the final exam at the end of each level is required to move on to the next level.
At the end of each level, a certificate will be awarded with a mark of either “distinction”, “very good”, “good”, or “pass”. The overall grade is dependent upon the following factors: attendance (15%), mid-term exam (20%), assignments (15%) and final exam (50%).
The following table summarizes the skills to be learned at each of the 9 levels:

Beginner (Levels 1-3)

+ Level 1 (Novice-Low)

+ Level 2 (Novice-Mid)

+ Level 3 (Novice-High)

Intermediate (Levels 4-6)

+ Level 4 (Intermediate-Low)

+ Level 5 (Intermediate-Mid)

+ Level 6 (Intermediate-High)

Advanced (Levels 7-9)

+ Level 7 (Advanced)

+ Level 8 (Advanced Plus)

+ Level 9 (Superior)

MSA Six-Month Diploma

+ MSA Six-Month Diploma

MSA One-Year Diploma

+ MSA One-Year Diploma